Nasreen Merouane

Retreat Coach

Nasreen is a truly talented fitness instructor. She's a national trainer and presenter for one of the biggest names in fitness and an ambassador for Reebok.


Nasreen brings incredible energy to every class she teaches, and she can't wait to meet our wonderful guests in Morocco.

Nasreen _ Etu Retreats

Terrell Lawrence

Retreat Coach

Terrell has a background in both fitness and travel and has worked as an overseas fitness trainer in Europe.


These days, he works as an incredible all-rounder teaching everything from Les Mills BODYATTACK to dance classes and HIIT sessions.


You'll love Terrell's high-energy sessions, which will help you push further toward your fitness goals!

Terell _ Etu Retreats

Kereim Daley

Retreat Coach

Kereim started in the fitness industry when he stepped in to teach fitness classes at his dance school.


From there, his love for fitness evolved, and now he trains for well-known boutique fitness brands in central London.


He's an incredible HIIT and boot camp teacher, and his fantastic coaching will help you take your training to the next level!

Kereim _ Etu Retreats

Want to become a Retreat Coach?

As we grow and plan more retreats, we look for incredible all-rounders to join us as Retreat Coaches. 

Our Retreat Coaches are the people who'll create the epic experience that Etu by Workout Away.

If you're a talented fitness instructor who is educated to at least level 2, then we want to hear from you!